Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Green Weddings

It is a pleasure to be able to plan eco-firendly weddings that have our style conscious clients in mind. Given the current social and economic climate these days it is more and more important to try to reduce our carbon footprint. Weddings are a new chapter, a fresh start for couple to make a difference. You can have a "green" wedding without breaking the bank.

Some great tips that I've found include using 100% PCW recycled paper for all of the wedding stationery from invites, thank you notes, and programs to menu cards and place cards. This paper is made without chlorine therefore the byproducts will not hurt the earth. A great site to start with is

You can also find a caterer who only serves foods that are organic and or from local farmers. Your food will be better for you and more fresh. It may in some cases cost more money but ultimately is worth it in the end. While speaking of food we cannot forget the cake - there are dozens of organic bakers in town. It is worth it to check them out.

For decor consider using soy candles rather than wax. They last far longer, you can continue to use them for entertaining for many months or years to come. There are several sites that offer these candles, simply google "Soy Candles" to find your plethora of options. Again, the cost will be a bit higher but they last far longer. If the cost is prohibitive consider sharing the candles with a friend who is also getting married that year. Another very cool and different way to decorate is to take potted plants of various sizes and add stalks of curly bamboo for texture. Bamboo grows up to an astonishing two feet per day so it takes far less time to regenerate than many other wood options. This too can be reused for many years after and it has a really attractive texture to it.

A couple may decide that they want to be environmentally conscious on their honeymoon. By going to you'll find a travel agent who can book a socially and environmentally sensitive trip for you and your beloved.

Finally, this might seem like a strange concept but it is being done more and more. You can either purchase a gently used wedding gown from one of dozens of wedding consignments shops. You may also consider a vintage gown. If all of this is just too much for you perhaps you would like to donate your gown to

Happy Green Planning!