Monday, October 18, 2010

Personalizing your Wedding Day

One of the lastest things that we have found to be very popular at Mother of the Bride is making your wedding day yours. It has become very popular to make a brand for your wedding. It can be a logo, a monogram or a design. This piece of art is designed by a local designer, graphic artist or a stationery company especially for you. The first step is coming up with the idea of what you want to play with. Start with a color, next your monogram, lastly a design. If monograms aren't your thing, color, style and design would be key for you. Begin with your save the date, next your invitation. For all elements of your wedding, program, menu, cocktail napkins, guest towels, favors and placecards. You can go as far as having your linens specially made with your design Anything that can be printed can have your signature style on it.

Another way of personalizing your wedding day is picking a theme for your day. Picking something that the two of love, something you do together, if you met somewhere cool...go with that. Color is another really cool way of making things different and special. Linens, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, even drinks can be your signature color. The ideas are endless, make your day and unique as you are.

Happy Planning!