Thursday, April 24, 2008

Islamorada, Florida

If you have the time and means I urge you to take a trip with friends. It brings a fresh perspective to the day to day grind and helps you reconnect with the important things in your life. I just returned from one such trip. We spent a week in Isla Morada, in the lower Florida Keys. My surroundings were calm, sunny and in the low 80's every day. We certainly lucked out in the weather department. The great weather got me excited about the upcoming wedding season in Minneapolis. We too have gorgeous weather and amazing locations for the special events in our lives or to just to sit outside and relax. As I looked at the island's beautiful back drop I was thinking it would be an easy place to do a destination wedding.

As luck would have it we stumbled upon the "Full Moon Party" at a gorgeous beach side restaurant called Morada Bay. The setting was something out of a movie and could easily be done for the right couple looking for something a bit different.

We began the night with a wonderful al fresco dinner of Mahi Mahi and fresh vegetables. As we finished our meal we witnessed the surreal sunset. It looked as though it sunk into the ocean. We had all seen sunsets before but realized that we don't ever take enough time to marvel in the wonder of such a simple thing.

The scene was a vast expanse of sand, palm trees and eclectic architecture on a coral point that spanned the length of a football field. There were fire pits set up throughout the sand, tables and chairs and buffet service strewn about, stilt walkers, fire jugglers, and an amazing band that played everything from Eric Clapton, Squeeze, and Carly Simon to Bob Marley and the Rolling Stones. The crowd was dancing up a storm. As the band went to a break we were treated to an amazing fireworks display that felt like it was right on top of us.

What was probably the best part of this magical night was that all ages blended together to make for a non-competitive, unpretentious, naturally fun and beautiful setting where everyone was themselves and truly having a fantastic time.

- Nicolle

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