Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Is There a Book In It?"

We've been at this busines for 12 years now. We've always said each event has some surprises and we learn something from every client. This is not to mention the funny and unusual challenges which have been totally unanticipated.

You might get a chuckle out of some of these events:

The large wedding was held in a historic church with minimum plumbing updates. It had one bathroom with a single toilet adjacent to the ladies dressing area. Pictures were being taken prior to the wedding, complete with refreshments and "beverages" on a beautiful warm June day. A constant trek to this facility by all the bridal party both male and female overtaxed it capabilities. You guessed it, the resulting overflow created a challenge in summoning the caretaker and a "plumber's friend". The nearby gas station facilities had extended use until the arrival at the reception following the wedding. Pictures took a little longer, the dressing area had to be moved and vacated as soon as possible. The wedding began on time and most guests never knew what happened.

Weekend Site: Madeline Island, northern Wisconsin out of Bayfield, WI. on an undeveloped acreage. Several stories resulted during this long week of planning and construction. Martha Stewart magazine was due to arrive to cover this remote event. After the photographers were delayed in Duluth for several hours, they finally arrived after the 2 "bridal attendant, four legged pets" of the bridal couple had time to attack the wedding cake. A few adjustments of the decorative flowers on the cake and a quick turn made for a pretty picture. Also, as the bride proceeded down the woodchip path to the ceremony site, a lovely snake crawled out from under a rock and crossed her path. The dogs thought this was very excitiing. Once again everything was brought under control and a good time was had by all. It was an unusual and beautitul event complete with crystal, china, silver and chandeliered tent. The authentic indian teepee on the property served as a dressing area.

These are just few of the incidents which can not be anticipated when planning your event. Plan B's are always good to think about when possible. As time goes on I will relate some of the other interesting things that Mother of the Bride has dealt with out of the emergency kits we have with us at all times. Although I can't say we have seen it all, we have seen a lot and can laugh at most after the fact. We can't wait to see what is going to happen next.


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