Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wedding season begins in Minnesota!

The first wedding of the season is under the belt! The fickle spring weather in Minnesota seemed to break all around us, the sun was shining, the day was warm, all was right in the world!
A beautiful ceremony was planned and performed by the bride's Grandfather, the music was perfect, the spring flowers gave off an aroma throughout that was light, airy and perfect. A large group of guests gathered, eager to see the wonderful young couple tie the knot! After a wonderful send off and a boat ride, the guests made their way to the reception site. Wonderful jazz filled the air, the photobooth was packed and a bountiful antipasto table was feasted upon. Dinner and heartfelt toasts were given and the guests danced the night away. The Bride and Groom are living happily ever after...

Lessons learned at wedding #1 -
-The Oxy pen is far superior than the Tide pen
-Don't assume the limo drivers have been given a detailed itinerary
-Bring a few pairs of shoes to change in and out of - large bandaids too
-This is the year of the commercial grade steamer
-People bring LARGE gifts to weddings

Onto the next wedding!

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